The Colored Girls Museum: Open for Business

The Colored Girls Museum

What is the Colored Girls Museum?

A Colored Girls Museum , is a space, which honors the stories, experiences, and history of Colored Girls. This museum initiates the “ordinary” object—submitted by the colored girl herself, as representative of an aspect of her story and personal history, which she finds meaningful; her object embodies her experience and expression of being a Colored Girl.

Why Use The Term Colored? I am interested in how people react to it based on their history with the word their understanding of it-- the visceral feeling it elicits. We don’t/won’t all have the same response to it—there is a feeling at least for me that gets stirred up when I think about my “colored girl experiences” mostly its how I have literally been altered / changed “colored” by certain events throughout my life. There is also a broadness to the word- which allows us to be inclusive of the Diaspora –inclusive of how truly diverse “Colored Girls” and OUR experiences really are.

"above all else the colored girls museum is a safe space to be a colored girl"

The Colored Girls Museum: Open for Business

This version of the Museum takes place in a residence in Germantown, Philadelphia. A Colored Girls Home is converted into a Museum disguised as a Bed and Breakfast. This added layer allows curators and actors to play with the concept of disguise and camouflage as a necessary feature of the Colored Girls Existence-- if people know she is a Museum they may in some way harm her --disparage her or dismiss her--thus she covers her true intentions.

If people know she is a Museum, they may in some way harm her...”

Objects for the museum Will come from Ordinary Extraordinary colored girls At the Invitation of The Artist who Is Curating the Rooms. Contributers Will select an object of personal import, which expresses their concept/idea/response to being a colored girl. Artists of various disciplines will be assigned to each room —and are responsible for curating their room based on their discipline.

Why A Colored Girls Museum?

There are many museums about many things –we should have a Colored Girls Museum. Colored Girls have a unique and complex history—–it is a history informed by great tragedy and great triumph---a history which intersects and overlaps with other histories but remains distinct as colored women navigate their dual circumstances as “colored and female “ we must begin the documenting process somewhere –why not now—why not here---our stories are as varied as our skin tones. Let us immortalize her!


The Colored Girls Museum Will be Opening Officially:

September 11, 2015 7:00 Show 8:00 Show

September 12, 2015 7:00 Show 8:00 Show

September 13, 2015 3:00 Matinee