TCGM Exhibit Entry Form

This form is required for Exhibit Entry. Entry is only complete when Entry Image, Entry Form and Entry Payment and Entry Statement (when required on prospectus) have been received by the due date on the prospectus.

1. Fill out form and submit - completion of this form is necessary for entry Please Use Title Case - ex: Last of the Mohicans.

2. What you type in the forms will appear on your gallery list & labels.

3. Image may be sent on a CD to TCGM 4613 Newhall Street Philadelphia PA 19144 or emailed to thecoloredgirlsmusuem@gmail.com as an attachment. Image size requirements are on the prospectus.

4. If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to e-mail thecoloredgirlsmusuem@gmail.com or call 215-251-1653. Exhibit shipping/display guidelines are posted at thecoloredgirlsmusuem.com


TCGM Exhibit Entry Form

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This form will not submit with more than three entries. Please do not click on Add Entry after your third entry.